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Version 0.1.5 (Nov 27, 2015):

The goal of the game is to destroy enemy ships, collect their bounties, and use the money to repair and expand your own ship. There is also the "Sandbox Editor", where you can design new ships or fight against already-designed ships without needing to spend money.

The game has no in-game tutorial of any sort, so here's a little manual to get you started:


Ship Design Advice:

Ship Save Files:

StarWright Ship designs are saved, literally, as PNG image files of the ships inside a folder called "Ships". The data necessary to load and play with the ship design is stored in the PNG pixel data itself.

Because of this, do not in any way alter the saved PNG file! Do not resize it or alter its pixels! Doing so will almost certainly corrupt the file and StarWright will be unable to load the ship design from the file.

Similarly, many image-hosting websites will down-scale or decrease the quality of images. Using such websites will also corrupt the file.