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(Windows 7, 8, & 10 only. You may have to disable your
virus scanner before downloading and/or installing.)
Cosmoteer is a strategy & simulation game in which you design and command the starship of your dreams, battling other starships to earn bounties and using that money to expand your own ship. There is also a "Creative Mode" in which you can design any ship you want without financial restriction.

You design your starship by placing individual rooms, weapons, and corridors on a grid. Ship flight and combat are both physically simulated, and so you must think about where to place your thrusters and weapons. Damage is recorded for each individual room, and heavily-damaged ships will eventually break apart into smaller pieces.

Your ship's crew, numbering anywhere from a few to more than a thousand intrepid souls, are the lifeblood of your ship and its most important resource. They pilot the ship, operate its weapons, and carry ammunition and plasma batteries from system to system. Since most systems and weapons require either plasma batteries or ammunition to function, you must think carefully about where you place the systems relative to each other and how you lay out the corridors so that crew can travel throughout your ship as efficiently as possible.

Cosmoteer is a game by Walt Destler.